Over the past couple of weeks we have had our first stone facing block and the first time capsule block delivered to there respective sites. Our facing block turned out to be a lot bigger than we thought. When it was picked up by the transporter and weighed it came in at 13,000 kilograms. Just a bit bigger than the 8,500 kg we thought it was! It has now been delivered to our site in Bradford UK and we will start the carving process over the next few weeks.

Carving the stone using ancient techniques

We intend to carve the whole block by hand and we are currently looking into the techniques that have been used for thousands of years. Looking at this first block it really makes you appreciate the work that must have gone into all the blocks that have made up pyramids around the world and we intend to fully document this process so we can see exactly how much effort it takes.

The Earth Pyramid's uncarved casing stone

The uncarved block, weighing in at 13 tonnes!

Plan of the pyramid casing stones

The design plan for the casing stone

The time capsule and the master mason

Our time capsule blocks (one for the box and one for the lid) has been picked up by Simon Tyson, our master stone mason who will be carving our first time capsule. Simon is currently working on the final design and as soon as its ready we will show it to you.

Stone Time Capsule block

Locally quarried stone

The limestone blocks come from the Tadcaster quarry in north Yorkshire Uk. They provide all the stone used in the renovation of York Minster and this particular stone is only found in one other place in northern Europe.

On our next blog we will have some exiting news so make sure you keep an eye out for it!!