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Answers to questions you may have about the Earth Pyramid project


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Answers to questions about the Earth Pyramid.
Diagram showing the chambers inside the Earth Pyramid
Questions and Answers about the Earth Pyramid


What is the Earth Pyramid?
The Earth Pyramid will be the world’s largest time capsule giving the world the chance to take part in a historic project that will echo through the ages.

What is its purpose?
The purpose of the Earth Pyramid is to create a platform that will connect a generation of the world’s children through a shared experience and get them thinking about the future of our planet.

What will be put inside?
The chambers within the Earth Pyramid will hold contributions in a variety of ways. From information being preserved in a digital medium that will last for 1,000 years to acid-free paper and pencil. Some artifacts will be included but the main aim of the Earth Pyramid is to capture our thoughts.

What will the pyramid be made of?
The exterior of the Earth Pyramid will be made of stone from all over the world. Granites, marbles, sandstones and many other types will be used. This is what gives the structure it’s patchwork look that you can see in the images above. As this is a modern pyramid we feel it’s important to have modern materials on show in the finished structure and so the metal, glass, polymer, will also be visible. These materials will weather and age in different ways over the next 1,000 years, which will give visitors to the site an insight into how the materials change over time.

The base layer of facing blocks will be sourced from many countries and overseas territories around the world. Symbolically the foundation of the pyramid will be supported by the world.

The core of the structure will be made of blocks cast from eco-friendly geopolymer concretes to try and reduce the carbon footprint of the structure. We aim to push the boundaries of modern and ancient technology with this build.

The top pyramidion will be cast from brass. This brass will be made up from old bullet shell casings that have been gathered from conflicts around the world. This idea came from a student at a Peace Jam event and their exact words were “It will be a great way to turn something negative into something positive”.


Why are we doing this?
Peace and environmental education often struggle to find a platform in the world we live in so the Earth Pyramid will create that platform in a unique way.

Why a pyramid?
Over the past few years we have used music, film, art and literature to help promote peace and environmental education. Using Architecture is an exciting new method to create a space that will enrich our children’s education.

Why now?
If you’ve read many reports about environmental issues you will see that most experts believe that these will become huge problems within the next 50 years. It’s important that we educate our children on these issues and create opportunities where that can connect and share ideas on how to solve them. As the old saying goes “Knowledge is power” and this generation needs both of these at this point in history.

Why not spend the money it’s going to take to build this on more important issues?
The cost of constructing the Earth Pyramid will be considerable but this cost is justified when you look at the money it will generate for peace and environmental projects worldwide. The children of the world will be the shareholders of the Earth Pyramid and all funds generated by the project will be invested in securing a better future for them and future generations.


When will the pyramid construction begin?
We are currently in the 3-year planning phase and hope to start construction once this is complete.

When will the pyramid be completed?
Our aim is to have construction completed in time for the International day of Peace 2025 (21st of September).

When will it be opened?
When the top pyramidion goes on the structure will be sealed for 1,000 years. It will be opened on the International Day of Peace 3025.


How big will the pyramid be?
The structure will be 50 metres high with each side measuring 70 metres along the base, and a slope angle of 55 degrees.

How will the pyramid be built?
The Earth Pyramids construction will give us the chance to test out theories on how the ancient pyramids were constructed. But as this will be a modern pyramid built in modern times we also intend to use computer technology and cutting-edge green technologies to push the boundaries of future construction.

How do we know how the ancients built their pyramids?
There have been many theories on how the pyramids were constructed but no one really knows because the secrets of their construction have been lost over millennia. We intend to try as many theories as we can in the construction process but will base our main process around the Internal Ramp Theory developed by french architect Jean-Pierre Houdin.

How are you funding the project?
We have an array of funding sources in development for construction of the Earth Pyramid and these will be implemented over the planning phase.

How many time capsules will the pyramid hold?
The chambers inside the Earth Pyramid will have enough space to hold around 3 billion individual contributions in various formats. This will give a large section of the human race the chance to take part in the project.


Where will the Earth Pyramid be built?
We are currently looking at several locations for construction of the Earth Pyramid and will be announcing the final location during the planning phase.

Where will the contributions come from?
Our hope is that everyone from all nations will want to take part and have their contributions stored for future generations. The Earth Pyramid will be an Iconic global structure that will carry our legacy into the far future, and this will be a once in a lifetime opportunity to be involved in a global project like this.


Will this actually happen?
Many different cultures and civilisations have built pyramids with nothing more than the natural resources at hand so we know that this is achievable. We have assembled a brilliant team of specialists who are dedicated to the project’s cause. We have some incredible support from all over the world and the finished structure will raise a considerable amount of money for peace, environmental, and humanitarian projects around the world. If ever the world were to build a new pyramid the time is now, and the Earth Pyramid is that pyramid.


Who’s idea was this?
The Earth Pyramid idea was started by the Ward Family from Leeds, UK back in 2008 The project developed and evolved over time to become the fully fledged venture you see here today.

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