The Earth Pyramid

Delivering your message to the people of the future

Why a pyramid?

Why build an ancient pyramid in modern times?

Pyramids Are Forever

“Man fears time, but time fears the pyramids.” – Arab proverb.

Pyramids have proven to be one of the most durable types of architecture. Some ancient Egyptian pyramids have successfully carried their message over 4,000 years into the future.

Testing Old & New Theories

How the ancient Egyptian pyramids were built is one of the world’s greatest mysteries that has puzzled the human race for many years.

The construction process will give us the opportunity to test out the many theories there are surrounding ancient pyramid construction.

Sparking Global Interest

The pyramids are some of the most recognised structures on Earth, and the building of a new one will give us a unique opportunity to create a focal point that will capture the world’s imagination and give its inhabitants the chance to leave their legacy for future generations.

What our supporters say

A few words from supporters of the Earth Pyramid project.

“Earth Pyramid gives children a chance to have their hopes & dreams recorded for future generations. Its an ambitious project but one that deserves every success.”
Desmond Tutu | Archbishop Emeritus, Nobel Peace Laureate

“I have always been supportive of the Earth Pyramid project…it deserves the most attention and respect.”
Jean-Pierre Houdin | Architect

“This sounds like a very interesting idea. I look forward to seeing it. I wish you luck in all of your endeavors.”
Zahi Hawass | Archaeologist

“The Earth Pyramid is an amazing project. It is inspiring people and giving them an opportunity to voice their thoughts on peace and the environment, and that can only be a good thing.”
Jeremy Gilley | Founder of 'Peace One Day'

“…very innovative and interesting and would like Timor-Leste to be part of this creative experiment…Timor-Leste would indeed be prepared to fill the time capsule boxes.”
Jose Ramos-Horta | Former President of the Timor-Leste & Nobel Peace Laureate

“It must be very exciting to have partners from all over the world, including Nobel Peace laureates, helping to make your vision a reality. I am confident that there will be interest from Australian children in providing material to store in the time capsule pyramid.”
Peter Garrett | Former Minister for School Education, Early Childhood and Youth, Australian Government.

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