As usual, it’s been a very busy time here at Earth Pyramid HQ and we are all working very hard during the buildup to our Kickstarter launch in the coming months.

Today is the International Day of Peace and we wanted to use this day to update everyone on how things are progressing and celebrate the achievements we have made over the past year.

We were the subject of a film by Moving Eye Productions in May of this year who wanted to document the creation of our first time capsule and explain the relevance of it to the overall project. Simon Hare and his team did an amazing job and we are grateful for their efforts on this wonderful film.

Steve Ward and Simon Tyson

The time capsule itself is near completion and has exceeded all our expectations. Stone sculptor Simon Tyson is putting the finishing touches to the work and we will be displaying it during our Kickstarter campaign.

The Earth Pyramid time capsule. in the workshop

Colouring the world within the faces of the Earth Pyramid time capsule.

In June of this year, representatives from the Earth Pyramid and Arup flew over to Malaysia for two days of meetings with the team at Matrix at the EPIC offices (Earth Pyramid Incubation Centre) in Sendeyan.

The meetings were a great success and reaffirmed the goals and roadmap for moving forward.

The video below is the official video of the launch of EPIC in Malaysia and as you will see it was an impressive affair. Once again we would like to take this opportunity to thank Matrix for their hospitality and the home they have given the Earth Pyramid Project.

Our new website is currently under construction with Vincent Brown from Vintuitive based in Adelaide, Australia taking the lead. The new website will be launched along with the funding programme and will build on the strong brand the project has developed over the years.

Made in Leeds TV recently aired a news article on the project that you can see below.

It’s great to know that word of the project is starting to spread and support starting to grow. As many of you will know if you have followed the project the whole venture has been self-funded up to this point and it’s only the dedication and passion of its supporters that has got us this far.


ARUP logo with stapline


Matrix International School Malaysia Seremban

It’s this dedication and passion that is exemplified by our long term supporter and founder of the Earth Pyramids Digital preservation Chamber David Stone MBE. Dave has just returned from the Rio Paralympics where he won a Silver and Bronze medal in the Paracycling events and we want to congratulate him on this amazing achievement.

David Stone Winning Silver

Our Social Media will continue to keep you up to date with our latest news, so until our next blog, “Happy Peace Day”.