Over the past few years our dedicated team here at Earth Pyramid have been striving to bring this ground-breaking concept to reality. Back in 2015 we were offered land for construction in Malaysia but unfortunately the agenda of the team in Malaysia was different from our own.

More recently we have been in negotiations with a representative of the Senegalese government regarding land but once again it seems our aims didn’t fit with the expectations of the Senegalese authorities.

Artist impression of the Earth Pyramid Senegal

So once again we are on the search for approximately 6 hectares of land somewhere in the world to build the Earth Pyramid. We still have a lot of work to do, and it will be by no means an easy ride but the benefits to the local community would be huge once construction is completed. We have created a pdf that lays out the aims of the Earth Pyramid and encourage all of our followers to please share and discuss the concept’s objectives. There will be somewhere out in the world that would love the Earth Pyramid, we just need to find it.