We are pleased to announce that the first theory tested at the Earth Pyramid test site has been a great success! The theory conceived by a team from Indiana State University (ISU) involved attaching poles to the faces of a stone block and rolling it rather than most theories that involve dragging.

Testing the Indiana State University's theory of rolling large blocks

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The whole test day went very well and the theory from ISU worked better than anyone of us could have imagined. We did have some trouble pulling the block with a rope as ISU did in the original test but we went back a few days later with better equipment and managed to gather some good data.

We used a 1 tonne block for this first test but over the coming months we intend to up scale the test and use a 2.5 tonne block.

We are now focussing our attention on the theory from Amsterdam University. Their theory involves dragging the block on a sled across sand that has been watered. In theory this wetting will compact the sand, making it easier to drag the sled.

We have based the design of our sled on the Schist sled but will modify it to suit our needs.

A sled made of cedar from Lisht

A sled made of cedar from Lisht

Weather permitting the test will be carried out before Christmas and we are looking forward to comparing the readings with the ISU test data.