A lot has happened over the past few months so we hope that this update will bring you up to date with events and give you an indication of where the Earth Pyramid is heading.

From Little Things Big Things Grow

The Earth Pyramid started with a simple idea and although it’s aims are massive we have tried to keep the process of creating it as simple as possible. We have put a great deal of effort into every phase of the venture and when we have achieved a good level of support for that area we have moved onto the next. The one part of the venture that we haven’t really worked on is how we are going to pay for the pyramid’s construction. Its probably the one question that many of our supporters have also asked themselves so we are currently directing all our efforts towards this.  The time capsules that will go into the Founders’ Chamber will form the main focus of our fundraising efforts and the students on the MBA course currently running at Bradford University are contributing ideas for this phase. These “empty boxes” on their own will be of little value but our aim is to get potential purchasers to see their value in terms of the overall aims of the venture.

This unique project will provide a unique opportunity for people to contribute and these time capsules will be the one way to guarantee participation. We want the very first time capsule to be something very special so a lot of effort will go into finding someone to design the first one. The whole project has grown from small contributions of expertise so we are confident that we will get support for this phase.

Going Green with Geo Polymer

We have also been in contact with the Geo polymer department at Louisiana Tech for the past couple of years and the work that they are doing on “Eco” concretes has been of great interest to us because of its possible use during the pyramid’s construction. The team at LA Tech has kindly created a video explaining the process and its “green” credentials.

For further details visit their website at www.green4grey.com . The team there has done a great job and we really appreciate their support.

We will be updating this blog on a regular basis to keep you informed of this very exiting phase of the venture.  One big question that we would love your opinions on is who you would like to see represented within the founders chamber.  With only 1,000 spaces available in this chamber (website needs changing from 100 to 1,000) we need to get a wide spectrum of contributors so your input would be greatly appreciated.