After much deliberation we have finally decided upon the size of the facing and corner blocks for the Earth Pyramid. The technical drawings have been created with the help of Descon Engineering based in Leeds, UK and show the dimensions of the two different types of blocks and a diagram of how they will fit together as the pyramid is constructed.

Plan of the Earth Pyramid casing blocks

The pyramid’s casing blocks

Plan of the Earth Pyramid's Corner Casing Block

The pyramid’s corner casing block

As the pyramid grows each row will need a smaller backing block to create the exact length of row needed but the standard sizes mean we should be able to develop a smooth system for fitting them together.

Plan demonstrating how the Earth Pyramid casing blocks fit together

How the pyramid’s facing and corner casing blocks fit together

Plan of the Earth Pyramid blocks

These standard sizes will also make it easier when we start gathering one block from every nation for the base of the structure.

We appreciate that the pyramids of Egypt and other pyramids around the world were built using varying types and sizes of stone but due to the global nature of this project and in order to give the build some uniformity we have decided to do it this way. We will still be trying out as many methods as possible during the construction process for lifting, moving, cutting and placing the stone so even these standard sizes should be fascinating to work with.