Since the new website launch in November it has been an incredibly busy time for the project.  We have had some fantastic comments and its great to see that all our hard work over the past 3 years has created a website that explains the venture well.  We still have work to do regarding translating the content and adding the interactive areas but these will develop in time. Our project video is currently entered into the TED Ads Worth Spreading competition and we hope that, if successful it will  help increase awareness on a global scale.

Raising the profile of the project is something that we haven’t spent too much time on as all our efforts have gone into clarifying the ventures aims and gathering support but once again we are sure that this will develop over time.

Guided by our discussions with Arup we have been spending time looking into the educational possibilities of the Earth Pyramid and this aspect of it has vast potential. We are currently working on a document with Arup that lays out all the areas of research for the project and this will form the basis of our future efforts. After spending so long working on the project its great to now have this fresh input from people who understand what it takes to develop a venture of this size.

The Earth Pyramid  has entered a phase where there is a lot of hard work with little to shout about so although or blog and social networks have been quiet lately, behind the scenes its still incredibly busy. We will do our best to keep you informed of our developments and please contact us if you would like any further information. It’s always great to hear from people interested in the project.