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Project Updates

Exciting Times Ahead for the Earth Pyramid

As usual, it’s been a very busy time here at Earth Pyramid HQ and we are all working very hard during the buildup to our Kickstarter launch in the coming months. Today is the International Day of Peace and we wanted to use this day to update everyone on how things are...

Inside the Earth Pyramid Project

Take a look inside the Earth Pyramid project in this latest video created by Moving Eye Productions. The genesis of the Earth Pyramid Steve explains how the Earth Pyramid project began with his family about eight years ago after watching the Climate Change Conference...

Time Capsule

Putting the World in a Box

Work on the time capsule has now entered a phase where surface detail is being applied to communicate a pictorial message to its eventual discoverers.


Stone, Stone Everywhere!!

Over the past couple of weeks we have had our first stone facing block and the first time capsule block delivered to there respective sites. Our facing block turned out to be a lot bigger than we thought. When it was picked up by the transporter and weighed it came in...

First Pyramid Block From the Quarry

After a great deal of effort we are pleased to announce that we have finally acquired our first block for carving a facing stone for the pyramid. It comes from The Mone Brothers Quarry in Leeds and as you can see by the picture we really have our work cut out for us!...

Testing Theories

Sled Theory Test Is Another Success!!

In late 2014 we succeeded in demonstrating that one man could move a one tonne block using a theory developed by the Indiana State University.   Just before Christmas 2014 we carried out another test on moving large stones based on research from the team at Amsterdam...

Rolling Stone Theory Test a Success!!

We are pleased to announce that the first theory tested at the Earth Pyramid test site has been a great success! The theory conceived by a team from Indiana State University (ISU) involved attaching poles to the faces of a stone block and rolling it rather than most...

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