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What’s our story?

The Earth Pyramid started in 2009 as a non-profit project to create a positive platform for peace and environmental education.

With all the distractions of the modern world, it’s incredibly difficult to promote these important issues so creating the Earth Pyramid will achieve this on a global scale in a fun and thought-provoking way.

Since its inception, the Earth Pyramid project has gathered a lot of valuable support and the journey continues. Please come along with us and add your passion to the venture of a generation.

Celebrate, Connect, Unite.

Our Team

We have many skilled people from a wide variety of professions offering their services to the Earth Pyramid project. Below are the core members of the team who are currently working on the project.

Steve Ward, Founder of the Earth Pyramid project

Steve Ward
Founder of the Earth Pyramid

Social Entrepreneur, Steve Ward started the Earth Pyramid project back in 2008 with his family as a way of giving the world’s children the chance to have their hopes and dreams recorded for future generations and create a platform for peace, environment, and education.

Vincent Brown, Pyramid Advisor / CITO

Vincent Brown
Egyptology Advisor / CITO

Vincent is the creator of Pyramid Texts Online, and other popular websites on ancient Egyptian pyramids. He has studied pyramids for over 20 years, taught ancient Egyptian using social media, and collaborated with other specialists in the field of Egyptology.

In addition to advising on the Egyptological side of the project, Vincent is also our Chief Information Technology Officer.

Mark Steele
Engineering Consultant

Mark Steele is the Associate Director of bridges and civil structures with Arup. He has extensive experience in the design of heavy civil structural engineering, buildings, and bridges.

Dave Stone, Digital Preservation Chamber Founder

David Stone MBE
Digital Preservation Chamber Founder

David Stone is a multiple Paralympic and World Champion in cycling. Being born with Cerebral Palsy has given David a different perspective on life. By confronting these adversities he has become an accomplished public speaker and has traveled extensively, spending over a year in India. David believes everyone should have the opportunity to live out their dreams.

Felix Lee
Educational Director

Felix E.B. Lee, a trained lawyer, has more than 20 years experience in Private Education in Malaysia, having set up and managed various Pre-schools, Private National Schools, International Schools and Private Colleges of Higher Learning. The immediate past President of NAPEI (National Association of Private Educational Institutions ), Felix is passionate in what he does and speaks of Matrix Global Schools with great enthusiasm.

Tony Maguire
Communications Advisor

Tony Maguire runs BOXKIK, a communications consultancy with a range of infrastructure clients. He was Communications Director for Laing O’Rourke, Balfour Beatty and London Underground; as a journalist, his roles included Industrial Correspondent of The Sun, Daily Telegraph and Industrial Editor of the Evening Standard. He is founder of the transport forum ‘Tomorrow’s Rail’.

Simon Tyson, Stone Carver & Sculptor

Simon Tyson
Master Stone Mason

Simon Tyson is a talented stone carver with a vast portfolio of sculpted works. He trained in London and York and has wide experience in masonry, lettering and carving. He has tutored at York College and holds regular stone carving tutorials in Newcastle. The style of Simon’s work is chiefly derived from Ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman art.

Clive Billenness, Digital Preservation and Project Management Advisor

Clive Billeness
Digital Preservation and Project Manager

Clive is a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Brighton specialising in the long-term preservation of digital data. A certified Information Systems Auditor and Project Management Specialist, Clive has been managing international Digital Preservation projects for over 10 years working with commercial and public sectors across Europe as well as in the United States and Australasia. Clive was the Project Manager of the PLANETS, POCOS and KEEPS Projects, and is now managing the European Commission’s E-ARK Project. He was also the EC’s Rapporteur for the planning of their sponsorship of Digital Preservation in the current Horizon 2020 Research Programme.

Clive has more than 35 years’ experience working in and managing Information Technology systems and departments and has worked for NATO, the Police and Fire Services as well as the UK’s Audit Commission, the British Library and KPMG. For a number of years he was the Chairman of the UK’s Best Practice User Group who support Project, Programme and Risk Management, as was also a member of the Examining Board for these subjects.

Clive has been associated with the Earth Pyramid Project for a number of years, providing advice and input on the programme management and digital preservation aspects.

Zulfi Hussain, Public Relations Officer

Zulfi Hussain
Public Relations Officer

Zulfi is a rarity in the business world – a man who is successful but modest. The entrepreneur and philanthropist is driven by making a big difference and in doing so has become known as ‘The Man Who Makes the Impossible Possible’.

Zulfi is an International Speaker and ‘hands on’ Practitioner in the areas of the Inspirational Leadership, Executive Coaching & Mentoring, Equality & Diversity, and Social Enterprise.

Zulfi believes it is up to businesses to change the world, so he turns his ‘vision into reality’, through his Social Enterprise, Global Promise, by educating and linking people across the social spectrum, around the world.

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